Dana WhiteNotes from the UFC 101 post-fight press conference.

Dana White: 17,411 fans attended UFC 101 for a $3.55 million gate which Dana said is biggest in history of Pennsylvania

Dana: $60,000 bonuses
Submission of Night: BJ Penn
KO of the Night: Anderson Silva
Fight of the Night: Anderson Silva and Forrest Griffin

Dana: Hasn’t seen Forrest since he ran out of the cage. Chalked it up to Forrest being an emotional guy.

Anderson Silva: Felt the same as he did in the Leites fight, except this time Forrest came to fight. “Forrest should be well respected and congratulated because he came to fight.”

BJ Penn: Wasn’t used to the fans booing him and wanted to use this fight to make a statement. Kenny’s confidence stayed strong throughout the fight, but it’s tough when you’re in the ring. Game plan was to take out his kicks.

Dana: Reporter asks Dana if he would allow Silva to box Roy Jones Jr. Dana said “no.” Says he talked to Jones tonight, says he respects boxing, but he doesn’t like that fight. He doesn’t see the point.

Dana: Silva’s next fight will probably be against Dan Henderson. Another fight at 205 may also be a possibility. Ed Soares says Anderson wants to be in the biggest fights they can put together whether its 185 or 205.

Dana: Promises he’ll make Anderson Silva vs Lyoto Machida if Anderson keeps rolling through the light heavyweights. Anderson’s responds, “Lyoto is my friend, my brother, there’s no way that fight will happen. It will be a big problem for me.”

Dana: Diego Sanchez will probably challenge BJ next for the lightweight title.

Dana: Thales Leites isn’t in danger of being cut for losing decision. Thought Sadollah-Hendricks was early stoppage, not sure about rematch.

BJ: Remembered his dream to be a champion and wanted to go out there and perform like one tonight.

BJ: Didn’t think Florian’s wrestling tactics was the smartest gameplan since he’s not a GSP or Matt Hughes

Soares: Got pissed off at a fan because he flipped Anderson off and threw something at him.

Anderson: Forrest is a great champion and should be respected by everyone.

Dana: We’ve been to places where the booing was worse. Didn’t think there was any inappropriate booing.

Ricardo Almeida: Felt really light, felt the size difference, but was happy with his performance. Looking forward to moving down to 170.

Kurt Pellegrino: Didn’t think Neer could hang with his right hand, but he did, so he went to his wrestling. Said Neer called him a bitch, so he bitch slapped him and said, “well, now you just got hit by one.”

Dana: Take time to build back relationship with Tito. He’s fighting Mark Coleman

Dana: Possibly adding another event in October besides UFC 104 if a deal they’re working on comes through. (Network tv?)

Dana: Not worried about New York. It’s gonna happen. Confident it will happen next year. Looking forward to going to Boston and doing an event in Fenway Park (wow).

Almeida: Armbar was very tight. Kendall loosened up his wrist just enough to allow him to get his elbow out.

BJ: Didn’t watch Anderson fight to stay focused. Said Anderson walked back in and told him, “now it’s your turn.” BJ (laughing) said “wow, guess I have tough act to follow.”

BJ: Training with Marinovich and being away from his daughter really helped toughen him up.

Dana: Said he’s “thought about” UFC/WEC merger, but has “thought about a lot of things. Nothing’s going on there.” (Guess that got taken out of context from the Q&A)

Anderson: All the credit goes to his team, trainers and coaches for his performances.