“When you get to see the fight in slow motion, you can see that Amir Sadollah was out and then, after a couple of strikes, wakes back up and starts trying to stand back up. You know me and have spoken with me about other fights, my job is to protect the fighters and I try and do my best to do that. What made me stop the fight was the fact that, after the multiple uppercuts by Hendricks, I felt that Sadollah was out and went limp. He fell down to his hands and knees and just stayed there. From where I was, I could not see his eyes to see if he was out, but I felt that he was not defending himself and, after several more punches that went unanswered, I stopped the fight.”

—Dan Miragliotta, via Fighters.com, explaining why he stopped the Sadollah-Hendricks fight

I think the gif clearly shows Amir was not “out.” Rocked? Yes, but not out. Miragliotta may have a case about him not intelligently defending himself, but that was only for a second or two before Amir tried to stand back up. I try not to blame refs for bad judgment calls, but they at least need to be in the right position to make the best call they can, and Miragliotta clearly wasn’t. Maybe if he was in position to see more than Hendrick’s back and Sadollah’s ass he would have seen Amir still moving and attempting to get back up to his feet, or at least seen that every shot Hendricks landed was to the back of the head.

Since everyone seems to be making amends these days, can Big John McCarthy please be next on the list?

Gif via Stick Figure MMA