Dana White video blog RIP

No more video blogging says Dana White.

“I made the decision not to do the blogs anymore. I am the one that took them down,” White said on Tuesday. “They were fun while they lasted, and thanks to everyone for the support.”

No reason was given for the decision, but Fighters Only thinks some kind of behind-the-scenes show the UFC is working on with HBO may have something to do with it. Weird thing is he’s not only done with them, but the UFC also pulled all the old ones off YouTube.

Update: You can cross off Fighters Only’s speculation about an HBO show called “Outside the Octagon” as a possible reason why Dana discontinued the vlogs. Ariel Helwani debunks that rumor.

However, an HBO source told FanHouse on Tuesday that “nothing’s happening right now” between HBO and the UFC. In fact, this was the first time the source, who would have knowledge on these matters, had heard of such a show.

The source said that when the two parties made the decision to go their separate ways, “they left the door” open to work together in the future, but “nothing’s cooking” right now.

Still don’t understand why the UFC removed them all from YouTube. Legal reasons perhaps?