Scott Coker

“The national enquirer of MMA reporters — that’s what I call them, right? — they’re just looking for something to put on their headlines or this and that. But I pretty much say how I feel, and I know a lot of reporters try to get a quote from you or create this controversy and things like that. But honestly, we’re so busy right now that the perceived battle or them taking the gloves off … it’s like everyday when I wake up, I’m focusing on what we need to do and that’s it. And I’m sure they wake up everyday just focused on what they need to do…And so the Fedor thing, I didn’t think that there would be that kind of reaction when we signed Fedor. And so you know, it happened and that’s it. But I have a show to do this Saturday, and we’re going to keep marching down the road and try to make Saturday the best event that we can, and were going to continue to try and build this business and create strategic alliances, look for sponsors and look for other relationships that make sense strategically. I’m just about going and building this business, and that’s what I’ve done for the last 25 years, and so to me it’s engaging and that perceived battle … that’s not what I’m about. I’m about building Strikeforce and building this business and moving this business forward and that’s all I’m going to focus on. I think it’s more the reporters try to blow up it more than it is and try to create that story and create this rivalry. I think that’s really more on the media side than it is from our business side.”

—Scott Coker, via MMA Fanhouse, blaming the media on the “perceived” UFC-Strikeforce war

Meanwhile, the UFC announced today that they’ll be countering Strikeforce’s card this weekend with six fights from UFC 100 including the main event Lesnar vs Mir 2. So you tell me, is this war merely a product of the media trying to create controversy or is the UFC breaking out the war chest?

Image via All Elbows