Forrest Griffin

He wasn’t injured. He’s an emotional guy and he just didn’t feel like sticking around. He’s done that before. After the Jardine fight, they kind of surrounded him a little bit, but he said a couple of things into the mic and left the cage pretty quickly. Just the emotions of…here is a guy who is very confident that he could win this fight and he just never had a chance to get off. He’s an emotional creature, so he left the cage. It wasn’t really a big deal. I think people are making a bigger deal about it then it really is. It wasn’t anything left to see anyway. Anderson had beaten him and it wasn’t like it was going to a decision. We already knew what happened, so he decided to go into the back and get his tape off and get changed and everything else. I think he was kind of comforting us more than anything else because we were all down and bothered and you know, that’s that…He’s okay. You know, obviously he’s upset by the loss and the way that it happened because it was in a way that he feels embarrassed by. It’s weighing on him a little bit, but he will be fine. He’ll come back. Sometimes his biggest asset is his heart and it can be his biggest downfall…

—Xtreme Couture boxing trainer Ron Frazier talking to Fighthype (via MMA Mania) about Forrest’s quick exit after losing to Anderson Silva

I’m pretty indifferent to Forrest Griffin, so honestly when I saw him exit stage left last Saturday night, I didn’t really think it that big of a deal either, but judging by the reaction on this site and countless others across the net, I’m apparently in the minority.

When I saw it live, I thought he was just knocked out cold. I didn’t notice him waving off the ref to call it, so I can kinda see now why everyone is so upset about it. If he could have kept going, yeah, he should have, but I’m not going to crucify him for it. As Frazier said later in the interview, we’re not the ones that had to be in there with Anderson Silva. I can’t even imagine how it must have felt to fight someone you couldn’t even touch. For an experienced and elite level mixed martial artist that must have been devastating, especially with millions of people watching.

It will be interesting to see though what type of reaction Forrest gets in his next fight. Will there be boos sprinkled in with all the usual cheers?

Image via UFC