Nick Diaz

The crazy roller coaster ride that is Nick Diaz’s career has taken another turn. You can add his name to the growing list of mixed martial artists who intend to crossover into professional boxing. That’s right, Nick has signed a contract with boxing promoter Don “War-a-Week” Chargin to accompany his responsibilities as a professional mixed martial artist and marijuana aficionado.

The news was announced earlier today in a press release sent out by Chargin’s publicist who calls Diaz the “Arturo Gatti” of MMA and praises Strikeforce for allowing Nick the freedom to attempt to become the first dual-sport champion in the history of both sports. Of course, to become a dual-sport champion, you have to be a one-sport champion first, and Nick blew that chance this week when once again his marijuana habit took priority over his career, but I’m sure ole’ “War-a-Week” already knew that, right?

Nevertheless, best of luck to Nick. I don’t know if he has the skills to hang with pro boxers, but I’m semi-interested in finding out.

Image via Showtime Sports