Chuck Liddell

Chuck Liddell may still be undecided about his fighting career, but that won’t keep him out of competition this September, albeit on a much different stage. It was announced today that Liddell will join the cast of this season’s “Dancing With The Stars” on ABC which premiers Sept. 21.

“I want to win,” Liddell told “I don’t like losing in anything, so I’ll work as hard as they’ll let me.”

“I’m gonna go out, be myself, and show what kind of people we do have in this sport,” he said. “I’m sure the reaction will be mixed (among fight fans). My friends are gonna be excited and I’ll never hear the end of it because they’ll make fun of me, but it should be fun and I think everyone will like it.”

Chuck is certainly no stranger to a dance floor. He says he likes to dance, but doesn’t know how. They’ll teach him though, and he has rhythm, so I think he’ll do pretty good. It may be an odd sight to see, but at least he’s not going on American Idol. Let’s just say his singing is about as good as his ability to take a punch lately.

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