Gina Carano

“[Gina] was done. We’re not gonna contest that. The ref pulled her off, she wasn’t answering, she wasn’t going anymore…I don’t want to take anything from Cyborg. She’s a great fighter, a dominant force in that division…She relayed to us that she felt so much pressure with the fight and everything surrounding it that it got to her. We know Gina very well. We train with her every day; we’ve known her for years; she’s a good friend, like a sister to us all, and that wasn’t Gina Carano in the cage tonight…I think everybody at home knows that, too.”

—Xtreme Couture’s Shawn Tompkins talks to the Las Vegas Sun about Gina Carano’s performance against Cris Cyborg

As Steve Cofield points out, we still have yet to hear from Gina herself on the loss. We don’t know what was going through her head during and after the fight, and if the pressure actually did get to her. One thing was clear though, we’re used to seeing Gina deliver the beatings, not take them, and Cyborg definitely gave her one. Whether that was because Cyborg was just better or because Gina wasn’t herself, I don’t know, probably both, but this doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing for her career. Instead of stepping into an even bigger spotlight with more distractions, this loss will allow here to take a small step out of it for the time being and focus on improving herself as a fighter both physically and mentally which she’ll certainly need when the rematch happens. I wouldn’t count Gina out just yet.

Image via Showtime Sports