Nick DiazMarijuana may keep screwing up Nick Diaz’s career, but it doesn’t look like he has any plans to give it up.

Instead, his trainer, Cesar Gracie,  approached CSAC Assistant Executive Officer Bill Douglas about adopting a “Theraputic Usage Exemption” program as outlined by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) which would allow Nick to continue smoking weed without being penalized when he’s out of competition. Gracie argued that Nick does in fact need the pot for medicinal purposes.

“He does need (marijuana),” said Gracie. “He has ADHD and he’s had a prescription for Ritalin since he was a kid. He doesn’t want to take that. That’s worse than pot.”

Douglas was actually open to the idea.

Douglas called the meeting “extremely positive.”

“We don’t have a TUE program in California yet, not to say we won’t,” Douglas told Monday. “I pledged to have the CSAC staff work with Gracie and his reps, because putting a TUE program together to present to the commission will take time and effort, as well as feedback from many parties. We can put the plan together, but ultimately the commission has to vote for it.”

Douglas said the first step will be to secure a date to present the idea to the commission board, but noted that if the commission is receptive, the entire process of incorporating the system could take up to a year.

Until then, Nick will have to abide by the current rules, which Gracie assured he would. He’ll be allowed to take the drug test he missed in a few weeks to get re-licensed, but it sounds like he may not need it just yet. His camp is currently in talks with DREAM to have Nick fight in Japan in October, possibly against Hayato “Mach” Sakurai. Strikeforce seems fine with it as long as Nick is ready to fight for them in November or December.

Image via Showtime Sports