Michael Bisping will not fightMichael Bisping Wanderlei Silva in Manchester, England in the main event of UFC 105 as previously rumored.

As rumor has it, Wand recently underwent facial surgery to remove scar tissue which will keep him out the cage for months to come, however I’ve yet to see anyone actually confirm this besides Bisping who wrote about it on a blog post on his site.

Quick update on the potential Wanderlei Silva fight. Unfortunately thats not gonna happen. He’s undergone facial surgery, so obviously won’t be fighting in the near future. Rumours are he’s actually out for the rest of the year. So as of right now, Im still unaware of who I’ll be facing at UFC 105. Obviously as stated before, when I know, you know.

While they didn’t confirm the surgery, MMA Junkie did confirm that the UFC is currently looking for a suitable replacement fighter to headline the card with Bisping, so it definitely looks like Wand is out.

We shouldn’t be too surprised though. Wand said about a month ago he wasn’t planning on fighting again until February.

Who should Bisping fight? I’m thinking Akiyama. What do you think?

Update: Fightlinker has pictures up of Wand’s “new face.” The first one has been floating around the internet for days, but everyone has been debating whether it’s actually him, an impostor, or just fake. I haven’t seen the other two before though, so unless someone is going to great lengths to fool everyone, it looks like Wand had the surgery. I’ll update if confirmation comes in.

Update 2: MMA Mania has confirmed with Wanderlei’s camp that he did in fact undergo facial surgery.

MMAmania.com (www.mmamania.com) has been able to confirm with sources inside the Wanderlei Silva camp that “The Axe Murderer” has recently undergone a medical procedure.

Silva is expected to make an announcement on his official website (www.wandfightteam.com) in the next few days to further discuss the procedure and reveal a timetable for his Octagon return.

Update 3: The reports of Wand undergoing some sort of “medical procedure” may be true, but at least one of the pictures were fake. Via WKR:

Wanderlei Surgery Fake

That definitely looks more like Wand. Not sure if the other pics are false, but this is enough for me to question if he had facial surgery or something else. Hopefully, Wand clears this up soon.