Anderson SilvaAnderson Silva is not messing around. He’s not particularly interested in fighting Dan Henderson, Demian Maia or Nate Marquardt until one of them emerges as a true top contender. In the meantime, he’d rather take on another top name in the light heavyweight division, but everyone is tied through the end of year. So what does “The Spider” do?

He says f*ck it, let’s go fight the big boys in the heavyweight division for even bigger paydays.’s Josh Gross has the story.

Prior to Silva’s flooring Forrest Griffin earlier this month in Philadelphia, confirmed that Silva’s representatives had spoken with Zuffa about the heralded UFC middleweight champion moving up to heavyweight for the first time in his career.

Not only that, they already had an opponent in mind: Frank Mir.

It would indeed be impressive for a former world champion at 167 pounds to climb all the way to heavyweight. If he gets his way and beats Mir, that would set up blockbusters against Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic, or, dare we say it, Brock Lesnar, a fight Silva would accept if the money is right.

Funny enough, just last night for some odd reason I was thinking about how sweet a fight between a prime Mirko Cro Cop and Anderson Silva would be. If Cro Cop ever returns to form, that’s the fight I’d like to see. I’m too crazy about a Mir fight though. While Mir could submit him, he’d probably get violently knocked out in the first round. I’d rather just see the Dan Henderson rematch to be honest. And Brock Lesnar? Nah, that’s just a little too much for me.

No word on how Zuffa reacted to the request, but you know Dana. He loves guys who want big fights, but is this too much of a stretch even for him?

Nonetheless, talk about taking the fictional pound-for-pound rankings and applying them to reality. As much as I believe Fedor is the better overall mixed martial artist between the two, and GSP could give him a run for his money, it would be hard to deny Silva the top spot if he went out and Griffin’d one of the UFC’s marquee heavyweights.

What do you think? Which heavyweights would you like to see Anderson fight?