Fedor Emelianenko

“Let me put everything to rest here — the Fedor deal is entirely manageable, it will be very, very workable for everyone including Fedor. He is very well taken care of, but it’s a very responsible deal — no one’s going out of business because of it. It’s all silliness, and I’ll tell you, if the UFC is good at anything, they are good at spreading a lot of nonsense.”

—Showtime Sports head Ken Hershman, via Sherdog, responding to all the talk that Fedor & M-1 will put their partner, Strikeforce, out of business.

If anybody in the US knows what it’s like to deal with M-1, it’s Tom Atencio. He had a working relationship with Vadim Finkelstein & Co. for over a year, and even though that partnership is over, he still has nothing bad to say about them.

“I had a great relationship with them,” Atencio said about M-1. “One of the things I always said is I would co-promote and the UFC doesn’t co-promote and they have what they do, and it works for them.

“I’ve always said I don’t blame the UFC for doing what they do. They don’t really need anybody else, and that’s what Dana said. They’re not going to co-promote because he doesn’t need them and that’s 100-percent true. The bottom line is it worked out for Strikeforce and Vadim is still co-promoting his brand, M-1.”

Bottom line is most people are going to remain skeptical about M-1 and this arrangement unless positive results prove otherwise regardless of what Strikeforce, Showtime or M-1 says. All the parties involved say this is a good deal, so I suppose I’ll take their word for it, but if things start going south, I don’t think anyone is going to be surprised.

Image via Sherdog