Bjorn RebneyLast week news broke that Bellator had postponed their second season due to a TV deal they were still trying to finalize. According to Bellator’s CEO Bjorn Rebney, that TV deal is done and it sounds like a major improvement over their last one. Most notably, this season will be broadcast live and in English in addition to Spanish.

[The TV deal] is finished, it’s done. We’ll be announcing it very, very shortly — in all likelihood, within the next 12 days. We have a situation set up now where we’ll be able to give over 150 million people each week the opportunity to tune in and watch what we’re doing, and that’s a very exciting thing…We are not turning our backs on the Hispanic market of MMA fans who supported us in the first season. You will be able to watch the show in both Spanish and English language next season…One thing that fans were miserly about was the fact that the telecasts would usually be on a tape-delay. Are you addressing this?…You’ll be able to watch Bellator season two live. There were a lot of issues at play that were reasons for the delay last season, but we’re not constrained by that moving forward.

Any guesses on the network?

The question I asked when I heard the season was being postponed was, what about the champs, will they have to wait well into 2010 to fight again? Good news, it looks like the answer is no.

We’ve been working diligently to secure right kind of match-ups for our champions: Hector, Eddie Alvarez, Lyman Good, and Joe Soto. They’ll be fighting in the interim. They won’t be waiting until we crown a number-one challenger in the season’s tournaments. They’ll fight either in strategic alliances we have with other promotions, or they’ll be fighting at the beginning of the season in feature bouts, perhaps outside of their weight divisions.

That’s all you can ask for, right?

Bellator also has plans to add light heavyweight, heavyweight and possibly bantamweight divisions. They’re also considering a women’s tournament if they can round up enough quality talent.