There’s been quite a debate recently about whether teammates in mixed martial arts should have to fight one another. Dana White says this a professional sport about determining who the best is, and if teammates need to fight, then that’s what will happen. On the other hand, the fighters don’t want to do it while many outright refuse to. In the video above, Greg Jackson throws in his two cents on the issue.

“I certainly won’t be a part of one of my guys fighting another one of my guys. But the UFC is Dana’s organization so he can do whatever he wants. … That’ll be between the fighters — for myself I just stay out of it. It’s their organization and we work for them, so it would be a matter of what the fighters decide. I really think when push comes to shove the fighters won’t give in on that. I hope so.”

That quote highlights a major issue for teammates who are pitted against each other. In many instances, one, if not both fighters, will be forced to find a new training camp for that particular fight. It remains to be seen if the fighters will back down, but as we’ve seen in the past, the UFC isn’t afraid to throw their weight around to get what they want from their talent.

Personally, while I agree with Dana’s argument, I’m not at all a fan of fighters being forced into anything they don’t want to do, so unless we’re talking about a match-up between the clear #1 and #2 in the division, I feel the fighters should have final say.

What do you think? Should teammates fight one another to determine who’s the best, or should they have the freedom to say no?