Wanderlei Silva & Anderson Silva

“Most part of everything that was reported between us was foolish from the media. The media wants to sell a polemic image of us and it was what happened…I haven’t got much to say about Wanderlei. He’s a great athlete and he showed himself to be a cool guy during a long time. Today we haven’t the same contact anymore. But I haven’t got nothing at him at all. I wish him the best wishes. He’s a great fighter.”

—Anderson Silva, via Fighters Only, blaming the feud between him and Wanderlei Silva on the media

Not too sure how Anderson can blame the feud all on the media unless him and Wanderlei were misquoted (several times), but nevertheless it doesn’t really matter anymore because all the heat behind the fight died down considerably when Wanderlei lost to Rich Franklin and Anderson destroyed a former champ in a higher weight class. At this point, it’s probably safe to say that the Anderson-Wand match isn’t going to happen unless Wanderlei can string together a few wins in the middleweight division and relight the fire that got everyone talking about that fight in the first place.

Anderson mentioned an intriguing fight for Wanderlei though—a rematch with Vitor Belfort. We’ll see how Vitor fares against Franklin, but win or lose, it seems like a no-brainer for the UFC to book. Not only do they have the history between them, but they’re both incredibly exciting to watch. It’s basically impossible for them to put on a boring fight. The timing would be perfect too. Wanderlei will be out until early next year recovering from his surgery (last I heard it was to repair a deviated septum, not a scar tissue removal procedure). Vitor fights next month so it would give him a month or two off before he had to get back in camp. Make it happen UFC.

Image via Sherdog