Kenny Florian

“I am going to fight before 2010. There’s no doubt about it. I have to get a fight in. I think it will happen and hopefully against someone tough…I have to stay more active. I can’t be taking almost nine months off between fights and then try to fight somebody like B.J. Penn. I have to be more active than that…I definitely don’t want to take that kind of time off again. I just need to stay as active as possible. I want to fight every three or four months with no more than four months off. I have to fight more often and hopefully the UFC will allow me to do that. I think that’s when I’m my best.”

—Kenny Florian talking to MMA Weekly about returning to action before the end of the year

Good too see Kenny is itching to get back in the saddle so soon following his devastating loss to BJ Penn. He has a long road ahead of him to get another shot at the title though as long as Penn holds the belt. Something tells me Kenny will be rooting for Diego Sanchez when he challenges BJ for the title later this year. If Kenny makes his it back to another championship fight, maybe his third time will the charm.

Update: Fanhouse’s MDS tweeted that Kenny Florian vs Clay Guida is likely for UFC 106.