Gina Carano

For the people who have supported me this far..I wanted to take time to collect my thoughts and speak from the heart rather than spew out some cliché anecdote about a tough loss. I know I am a better fighter than the way I performed that night and was heartbroken to not give more to those who have been inspired. However, I find some relief in knowing that this has never been only about me, and now more than ever I feel freedom to learn and grow at my own pace. I make it a point to constantly remind myself throughout this journey who I am, what I am doing, and why. Life is the most amazing gift and I want to live it for the right reasons. To my family, coaches, management… thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in me, loving and encouraging me. Also a special thanks to the fans who support me from their computers at home, watch me on television and scream for me in the stadiums. Because of you, barriers have been broken down and you have inspired me to believe in a larger dream. Congratulations to Cris Cyborg and the women of MMA who have a great platform to shine. I am more excited than ever for female fighters and this amazing sport which has transformed my life. God Bless.

—Gina Carano on her MySpace blog addressing her fans for the first time since losing to Cris Cyborg earlier this month

“I feel freedom to learn and grow at my own pace.” Sounds like a huge weight was lifted off Gina’s shoulders. Perhaps the loss was the best for her in the long run…

Meanwhile, in case you were wondering what Dana White thought of the Carano-Cyborg fight, he offered his two cents after press conference on Thursday. He liked it, but…

“I thought it was an exciting, entertaining fight. You know that’s the first fight I’ve ever watched of another organization since we’ve owned this company? That’s what a psycho I am. I wanted to see the fight. I was in California, and I watched it, and I like Gina. I wanted to see how it went…I had some questions. Why was Gina in the mount? Why did she stand up when she was in the mount and get off? I think there was a lot of inexperience on both of their parts in that fight, which made it very entertaining. Did I say that the right way to not sound like I’m smashing them? Because I’m not. I found the fight entertaining, and I found it entertaining because I think there was a lot of lack of experience between both girls…In making a good female fight, Carano and ‘Cyborg’ were probably the best two you could have, and I don’t think that fight was at UFC level.”

Ah, he just had to slip that in there at the end, didn’t he?

Image via Showtime