MoneyThe OSAC has released the fighter payouts for UFC 102. Keep in mind, these figures represent the base contracted pay the fighter receives from the promotion. These figures do not include any additional “locker room” bonuses, pay-per-view revenue sharing, or sponsorship money, which in many cases exceeds a fighter’s base pay. These numbers also do not account for taxes, insurance, and license fees.

To no one’s surprise, the headliners, Randy Couture and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, took home the jackpots on Saturday night. After their $60,000 Fight of the Night bonuses Randy earned $310,000 while Minotauro earned $460,000. I don’t know about Nogueira, but Randy also collect a sizable pay-per-view revenue sharing check once the buys are tabulated. Nate Marquardt and Gabriel Gonzaga also raked in six figures, $140,000 and $120,000, respectively. The rest of the payouts seem to be in line with maybe the exception of Brandon Vera and Krzysztof Soszynski. Vera earned a stout $70k for another lackluster performance while his opponent, Ksos, only earned a measly $8,000. Hopefully, he got a bonus check for stepping in on short notice to fight Vera on the main card.


Courtesy of MMA Payout:

  • Antonio Nogueira: $400,000 ($250k + $150k win bonus)
    Randy Couture: $250,000
  • Thiago Silva: $58,000 ($29k + $29k)
    Keith Jardine: $55,000
  • Jake Rosholt: $26,000 ($13k + $13k)
    Chris Leben: $30,000
  • Nate Marquardt: $80,000 ($40k + $40k)
    Damien Maia: $28,000
  • Brandon Vera: $70,000 ($35k + $35k)
    Krzysztof Soszynski: $8,000
  • Aaron Simpson: $18,000 ($9k + $9k)
    Ed Herman: $24,000
  • Gabriel Gonzaga: $120,000 ($60k + $60k)
    Chris Tuchscherer: $10,000
  • Mike Russow: $20,000 ($10k + $10k)
    Justin McCully: $15,000
  • Todd Duffee: $10,000 ($5k + $5k)
    Tim Hague: $7,000
  • Mark Munoz: $24,000 ($12k + $12k)
    Nick Catone: $5,000
  • Evan Dunham: $14,000 ($7k + $7k)
    Marcus Aurelio: $13,000


$60,000 bonus to each fighter.

  • KO of the Night – Nate Marquardt
  • Submission of the Night – Jake Rosholt
  • Fight of the Night – Randy Couture & Minotauro Nogueira

Total Payout

A disclosed total of $1,525,000, including all bonuses, was paid out to the fighters.