Dana WhiteVideo of the UFC 102 post-fight press conference can be seen on UFC.com. Here’s a rundown of the presser.

$60,000 Bonuses
Fight of the Night: Randy Couture & Minotauro Nogueira
Submission of the Night: Jake Rosholt
Knockout of the Night: Nate Marquardt

Live gate: $1.92 million (top five in Oregon history)
Attendance: 16,088

Dana: Thought they should have sold more tickets and wanted to sell out, but still a great night with great energy in the main event. Plans on coming back to Seattle first, then back to Portland.

Dana: Nate looked great tonight. Looked like a punch out of the movies. Non-committal on the middleweight title picture.

Dana: Both Nogueira and Couture looked great tonight. A lot of fun things we can do with the heavyweight division.

Nate: Watched tape and noticed how Maia telegraphed when he kicks. Had a lot of counters for kicks but couldn’t do them with his injured ankle so training partner told him to step in with an overhand right. Crazy how simple it was but it worked. Definitely one of favorite finishes.

Dana: Everyone is fine, no one went to the hospital.

Dana: Won’t implement the NSAC’s new 5 round non-title fight rule. As a fan, wishes some fights were 5 rounds, but then the title fights wouldn’t be so special, so won’t do it.

Dana: Todd Duffee pulled me aside and told me he wants to fight again, soon. He wants the fast track and is eager to fight. I like that in guys so…I like him.

Dana: Concert loud during the Couture-Nogueira fight, ears still ringing. Great fight, lived up to the fight. Brock wanted to fight Randy again if he won.

Vera: Didn’t finish the fight, so not happy about going to a decision. Decided would fight southpaw and try to finish with hands, threw some kicks, disappointed couldn’t knock him out. Ksos is resilient, tough fighter.

Rosholt: Excited to fight in Portland, excited to fight in the UFC, excited to fight Chris Leben. Knew Leben would keep coming, so knew would have to fight till the end. Tried to block out the crowd cheering for Leben, and focused on the fight.

Randy: Definitely felt the energy of the crowd. Can’t recall fighting in front of a louder crowd.

Randy: Never thought I was close to being done, but definitely got knocked on my ass a couple times. He had good positions, but I felt comfortable, knew where I was at. Fight hit all the positions we trained for. We did everything in this fight. Thought I did things well, but got caught a few times. Nogueira fought a great fight.

Randy: We signed a new contract today. 28 months, 6 more fights.

Randy: Huge honor to fight in front of hometown crowd. Gave everything I had, okay with the outcome.

Randy: Didn’t think I won the decision, Nogueira definitely won, but it was a damn good fight. As far as heavyweight or light heavyweight, I’m interested in interesting fights. There’s interesting opponents in both divisions.

Dana: Would love to see Randy at light heavyweight, but proved he can hang with the heavyweights. Randy can fight where he wants. Not sure anyone wants to see Randy-Chuck IV. Chuck texted me all night wanting to fight. So when he’s done dancing, he’s going to be looking for me.

Dana: Thiago Silva looked amazing tonight. Lot of interesting match-ups for him.

Thiago: Studied Keith’s style a lot and the win was the result of his gameplan.

Dana: Going to get Thiago and Nate right back into fights.

Randy: Taking his career one fight at a time from here on out.

Nogueira: Tried to finish the arm triangle, but Randy had a good escape. Has a lot of respect for Randy and made sure I was in great shape to fight him.

Noguiera: Was prepared for everything against Randy. When he got out of submissions, I try something else.

Nogueira: Was in hospital for seven days with staph infection twenty days before the fight. Tore my meniscus in my knee, wasn’t prepared for Mir fight. Staph made me weak, gave me fever for a few days.

Nogueira: Enjoyed fight, could have went five rounds.

Randy: Ranks as one of the best fights been in, but not top because of the outcome

Nogueira: Fight was one of the most important of my life. Not a title shot, but against Randy, one of my heroes.

Dana: Don’t know if Noguiera will get Brock/Carwin winner.