Fedor Emelianenko and Brett Rogers

“I feel that I’m a different fighter for Fedor; he hasn’t felt the power that he’s about to get. You see what I mean? It’s definitely gonna be a fun fight, man. He’s talented, but the same things he’s skilled in, I’m skilled in. It’s just we just gonna see who’s more hungry…Basically, a fighter for his size, his weight, just the way his aggression, when he takes top he’s good at controlling the top position. So, I’ve been trying to work with guys that can kinda mock him; he may have that, a couple pounds less than me… But if he’s expecting to take top, and hold top, it’s not gonna happen. I’m definitely gonna re-position myself whenever I get in danger and hopefully get back to the feet and finish it off.”

—Brett Rogers on Fight Network Radio (via SportsRadioInterviews.com) claiming Fedor Emelianenko hasn’t felt power like his.

Fedor has spent a large part of his career destroying fighters bigger and stronger than him. Brett undoubtedly has heavy hands, but is that enough to topple the heavyweight king? Eh, probably not. The better question is, can Brett Rogers handle Fedor’s speed, precision and overall technical superiority? Even if he puts Fedor in trouble, can he finish him where he’s proved to be the most dangerous?

Brett can bring in all the training partners he wants, but he’s not going to find anyone who mimics Fedor, much like you can’t find anyone who mimics Anderson Silva or Lyoto Machida. If he really believes he’s seen everything there is to see in training camp when he enters cage on fight night, I’m afraid he’s going to be in for a rude awakening.

Image via Esther Lin/Showtime. Tip via MMA Mania.