Chuck Liddell training for DWTS

If I can get my feet to do what they want them to do, then yeah! I have quick feet, but it’s just about doing everything at the right time. That’s the hard thing for me — to do everything at the right time and at the same time. I have to get my feet going and I’m bending my shoulders, bending my elbow, have my head up. It’s all the little things. It’s harder than it looks. [Laughs] Anna [Trebunskaya, Liddell’s partner] is great. It’s tough. It’s all different to me. With each day, it seems like I’m getting better, so we’re just slowly working toward getting better….[No dance experience] whatsoever. I did a country-swing class, like a two-stepping swing class, a couple times in college. I like to go dance. Do I think I’m a good dancer? Not really. I have fun dancing. It’s something I like to do, but I’ve never been a great dancer…We actually did a bunch of moves from a few different dances. I think foxtrot and salsa are ours. I don’t even know! We’re trying to do a little everything while we have time. We’ll probably try to work some [mixed martial arts] moves in there.

—Chuck Liddell talking to about his new gig on Dancing With the Stars

The funniest part about this is I think this is most animated I’ve ever seen Chuck Liddell in an interview.