Denis Kang

“I don’t care about that. I think I am gonna beat his ass anyway, whether he won his last fight or lost it,” he stated. “He is a good fighter, he has got cardio and he knows how to win a fight. He knows how to ride the momentum, you know what I mean?…Its hard to predict at this point. Of course I always want to finish the fight but you know, he’s only got two losses and he went the distance with Rashad Evans. But I am going to go for the KO like Hendo!…I don’t know him personally. He is cocky on TV but that could just be his television persona. I don’t make the fight personal at all…To me he is not ‘cocky Michael Bisping’, he is just a sack of flesh and bones across the Octagon that I am waiting to pound on.”

—Denis Kang telling Fighters Only Mag he’s going to beat Michael Bisping’s ass at UFC 105

Denis Kang may not have a lethal overhand right in his arsenal like Dan Henderson, but he’s knocked 12 guys over the course of his career, and I don’t know see why Bisping can’t be lucky number 13.

Anyone taking Bisping in this one? Or is Kang going to reacquaint Bisping with the canvas?

Image via Sherdog