Jason David Frank

We’ve seen quite a few MMA fighters try their hand at acting, but actors turned mixed martial artists are few and far between (can’t think of one actually).

Jason David Frank is looking to change that. He’s not just any actor though. He not only played one of those stupid “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” he damn near played them all. Apparently JDF is a life long martial artist—IMDB claims he’s the founder of Toso Kune Do, whatever the hell that is—and he’s looking to put his skills to the test.

“I was supposed to fight in 2007, but it fell through. In truth, I’ve wanted to put the work in until I’m ready. I know I have a target on my back. Everyone is going to want to beat up the Green Ranger. But I am no Kimbo; I’ve been training for a very long time. I wanted to get in there before, but I got injured. But I’ll be ready when the time comes.”

“My style was missing the ground fighting. I have my blue belt in BJJ from Gracie Baja now, but we needed to have that ground game integrated into Tose Kune Do. There was a blank there. So we added wrestling, BJJ, etc., to it. Melvin Guillard has really helped add the wrestling. I needed to get with someone who could put it all together for me, and that was Saul Soliz. And he’s done it. He’s a good, hardcore trainer.”

“Just to go out there and do my best, and prove that I’m a real fighter. I’m not looking for any titles specifically. Ultimately, I want to give my fans something to watch and be proud of.”

I don’t know what his management team has up their sleeve, but I have an idea. New Year’s Eve. Japan. Bob Sapp. Green Power Ranger suit. FEG will book it JDF, trust me.