Randy CoutureNow that Randy Couture has proved he has gas left in his tank, the question is what’s next. Who does Randy fight, when and at what weight class?

Well, at the moment, it looks like he’s heading back to the light heavyweight division.

“Maybe this year, or maybe the first of next year,” said Couture of his next bout. “I haven’t really looked at the cards and the shows that they have. What’s on the schedule, I don’t know, but I’m especially leaning towards dropping down. I’m pushing in weight. It would be easy for me to make 205 and there’s more interesting fights there right now.”

It definitely makes sense at this point. With two losses in a row at heavyweight, he’s out of the title picture for a while, plus he’s one of the smallest, if not the smallest heavyweight in the UFC. Randy has done some amazing things in his career, but at 46, it might be a little unrealistic to expect him to find consistent success with guys who outweigh him by 20-60 pounds.

Life at 205 won’t be any easier though. In terms of “interesting” fights in the immediate future, Anderson Silva is the first name that comes to mind. He’s expressed interest in fighting him before, but is Anderson too much for Randy at this point? Probably, but stylistically, he at least matches up with Anderson better than Forrest Griffin did. I don’t know if the UFC is willing to put Randy in that situation, but it’s definitely the big money fight both Randy and Anderson are looking for.

Speaking of big money…

Couture announced on Saturday that he’d renewed his contract with the UFC for seven bouts over 28 months. The new contract was drafted and signed hours before Couture’s 20th Octagon appearance, and included the Nogueira bout. Sources have indicated to Sherdog.com that Couture’s new deal pays him six times more per fight guaranteed up front, along with a percentage of the pay-per-view sales profit.

Couture would not comment on the figures.

“They’re taking care of me very well, and they have since I came back,” said Couture, who left the promotion for 11 months in 2007 over a contract dispute. “The pay-per-view deal that I had, with this last contract, was good and took care of me as well. I don’t have any complaints there.”

The only thing that may stand in the way of Randy earning the big bucks in the Octagon is Randy earning the big bucks on the big screen. He’s currently under consideration for roles in two new action movies. If he lands one of them, don’t expect to see Randy back in action until early 2010.