Frank Mir is tired of the all the Nogueira staph infection comments. His argument is no fighter ever goes into a fight 100% healthy, and therefore it shouldn’t be an excuse. Isn’t Nog’s situation a little different though? A bad case of staph that puts you in the hospital for seven days only weeks before a fight is going affect your performance more than a bunch of bumps and bruises are, would it not? You can train through the pain of a tweaked shoulder or whatnot, but it’s a different story when a string of nasty bacteria saps the life out of you for seven days straight only weeks before a fight.

Mir thinks Nogueira didn’t look any better against Couture than he did against himself, and if there was a rematch, it wouldn’t go any differently. I’m not so sure. I say if Nogueira isn’t getting an immediate title shot (he shouldn’t), they should fight again before the end of the year. Mir is scheduled for Cheick Kongo in December, but it’s not official. There’s still time to make the change.

HT: Cagewriter