Jake Shields

“He’ll beat the piss out of me..? He’s the one that won’t sign the contract. I would sign that fight tonight but he just wants to talk and act tough, but he’s the one that won’t sign. His manager tells us the fight is on, Miller has agreed and then I’m hearing he’s decided he can’t fight in October but would maybe do it in December. He thinks he’s a star now but just like the show I was the only one doing the fighting while he just did the talking. He must think he’s Cung Le now.”

—Jake Shields, via GracieFighter.com, claiming Mayhem Miller is the reason their rumored fight hasn’t been finalized

Something weird is going on here. Mayhem (prematurely) announces the fight, then makes comments about beating the piss out of him if Strikeforce will give him the fight, yet he won’t sign the contract? I doubt that. My guess is DREAM’s the problem.

Image via Showtime Sports