Michael Bisping

I think he’s a good test. I wanted to fight someone decent after Henderson because as I said, I had a great camp and I feel improved as a fighter in all departments. I wanted to prove that to the world but I didn’t, I went out there and got knocked out. So for my next fight I wanted a top name and get right back up there. I didn’t want to take a step down in opponent…Originally I was going to fight Wanderlei [Silva] as I’m sure you know, but he had surgery so it wasn’t to be. They came up with Denis Kang and I felt great. He is well respected, very good skillset, very good all-round fighter. MMA fans that are knowledgeable, that have followed the sport outside the UFC, will know him well and will know he is a tough test for anyone…Obviously he has to have confidence in himself or else he would be in the wrong business, so I don’t take it personally anything he said there. More power to him. I just hope he trains hard and we put on a good show for the fans in Manchester.

—Michael Bisping, in an interview with Fighters Only Magazine, talking about his upcoming fight against Denis Kang at UFC 105.

I’m not gonna lie, I was little surprised that Bisping didn’t have more to say about Denis Kang’s comments. Doesn’t look like there will be a lot of talk leading up to this one. Just two fighters trying to make a statement in the UFC’s middleweight division. With Bisping, that’s a welcomed change of pace.

Image via ESPN.com