Brett Rogers

Everyone who fights Fedor thinks they’ve come up an ingenious strategy to beat him. Brett Rogers is no different.

“There’s loopholes in everybody’s game, and in his game, the way I see it, he can sometimes get a little sloppy,” Rogers told the Sherdog Radio Network’s “The Jordan Breen Show” last week. “He is a patient guy, but when he feels that he has to give, he kind of rushes it a little bit. Just on that, I can kinda set him up for a knockout just by faking an injury or something, just jump in and out his offense a little more than not. Hit and move. Hit and move.”

Ahh, playing possum. Nice Brett, he’ll never see that coming now that you’ve told everyone. It worked for Scott Smith, but something tells me Fedor is a little smarter than Pete Sell.

If you really want to surprise him Brett you should try throwing blinding fairy dust at his eyes like Chong Li did against JCVD in Bloodsport. No, it didn’t work for him, but I’ve yet to see any footage of Fedor serving his trainers afternoon tea blindfolded, so you never know…

Image via Showtime