Big John Twitter Bomb

Alright, I think we can all agree that Big John McCarthy should be back in the UFC doing what he does best, no? He’s licensed in California and UFC 104 is happening in LA. All that needs to happen for Big John to work the event is an assignment from the CSAC.

Okay, with that out of the way, Fightlinker came up with a plan to make it happen. Today, everybody is telling Dana White on Twitter to bring back Big John. Yes, we know Dana doesn’t pick the refs, at least not in the US, but he’s still influential with the athletic commissions, plus CSAC head Bill Douglas isn’t chatting it up with fans on the the internet’s latest social networking craze. Dana seems to be pretty receptive these days to what the fans are asking for, so I say it’s worth a shot.

All you have to do is copy and paste the following tweet into your Twitter box and hit enter.

@danawhiteufc BRING BACK BIG JOHN! #UFC

MDS doesn’t think it will work, and maybe he’s right, but seriously, it takes two seconds to do, one if you’re good. It’s at least worth that, isn’t it?