The mystery is over.

There was a lot of speculation about my surgery. People are noticing my eyes and this is what happened. Here I scraped the eye’s bones. I’ve had more than 200 stitches, only in the area of the eyes. So the doctor scraped my skull, so that will go down. The goal is for me not to get cut so easily in my next fights. Because, before I was receiving big cuts only from scratches. I was always having to get 7,10, 15 stitches, and this was hurting my performance.

I also fixed my nose. I broke my nose in the second fight against Cro Cop. I broke here on the side, and that started to bend my nose, and since then I broke it again in other fights, and in training. When the doctor opened it, she even called her assistant to show how ugly it was. So I fixed my nose and now I’m breathing better, snoring less. I was suffering from sleep apnea, so I would wake up 4, 5 times every night. And then you end up giving up on sleeping, and the next day you are broken. Now I can sleep through the night, I’m feeling very good.

I am only doing what’s best for me, to prepare for a different stage of my career. I want to start a new era with a fresh beginning. I want to continue doing great fight and giving great performances for my fans. This is my main goal that moves me to keep fighting. For who is wondering if I’m stopping; I’m feeling very good, and in one piece. I’m a little slimmer, I started a diet to cut weight, since I want to go down to 185. I think I will be strong at 185, and I want to fight the best. I don’t know when I will be allowed to fight, but I’m feeling good and I started working out with weights and jiu-jitsu. And soon I will be back fighting.