“He is going to move to the left and I will go the opposite way. When he sets the kick I will land a straight big right hand on his face to knock him out…I still don’t know what plan to follow against him but I believe in my boxing. I train it so much. I know I’m able to catch Mirko. Luiz Dorea (boxing coach) says if I land a punch on the precise place, it’s over. I’ll look for another the KO but a fight is fight and nobody knows what’ll happen…Cro Cop has to be respected. People may say he is not the same but, for me, he continues being one of the most dangerous MMA fighters. He can finish a fight with only one hit. He left kick is very good and I need to take care with his left hand too…This is such a fight that marks your life, you understand? That’s how I see it. Mirko is a world sensation and it’s crucial for me to fighting well against him. I’m training hard, focused and full of confidence…I’ll search for his chin in there. I want the knockout. I will catch CroCop’s chin. I only have to take care in the fight and do my job to get out from the cage with the victory.”

—Junior dos Santos talking to Fighters Only Magazine about his strategy for beating Mirko ‘Cro Cop’ at UFC 103

Dos Santos wouldn’t be the first fighter to knockout Cro Cop if he finds his chin. He just better be careful Mirko doesn’t find his first. Dos Santos was impressive against Fabricio Werdum and Stefan Struve, but he’s never faced a striker the caliber of Cro Cop. It would be a huge accomplishment, but by no means is it a foregone conclusion.

Video via HDNet’s Inside MMA