Michael Myers

Tim Sylvia’s rocky career is taking another unexpected turn. He’s apparently playing Jason in the newest Friday the 13th movie.

Former UFC heavyweight champion “Maine-iac” Tim Sylvia (24-6) is currently in Boston playing horror film icon Jason Vorhees in the yet-to-be-titled “Friday the 13th” sequel, Fighters.com has confirmed with a source close to the fighter.

Bloody Elbow confirmed the news with Tim’s manager Monte Cox. The good news, for Tim’s fight career at least, is he’s currently training with the boys at Sityodtong in Boston while filming the movie, so hopefully he won’t suffer another embarrassing upset when he takes on Jason Riley at Adrenaline IV. I hate to see Tim get to the point where he needs a machete to win a fight. (Badoom tsss!)

Update: Monte Cox was apparently a little confused about which horror film serial killer Tim Sylvia is playing. He’s actually a stand-in for Michael Myers in Halloween.

“I made a couple mistakes…,” admitted my source, who is very close to Sylvia. “Tim is a stand-in for Michael Myers in the ‘Halloween’ movie out now.”

In other mixed martial artist-turned-actor news, Keith Jardine makes an appearance in that new movie Gamer you’ve probably seen the trailer for a hundred times over now.

Keith Jardine in Gamer

Not quite as badass as Don Frye in Public Enemies, or Don Frye in any movie for that matter, but you have to admit, Keith Jardine makes for a wicked looking bad guy.

Thanks to Berezansky for the Jardine tip