With Mike Swick injured, Martin Kampmann thinks his chances of earning a title shot with a win at UFC 103 have gone down the drain. He says as much in the interview above with ProMMARadio (via Cagewriter) and below with FightHype.com.

The Swick fight was a number one contender’s fight with the winner facing GSP at a later date. I’m sure with Daley being the new opponent, that has changed, correct? And would you like to go straight to GSP after this fight if successful or would you still like to fight Swick?

MK: I would still like to fight Swick, you know? I don’t think Paul Daley has the same name recognition, so this is probably not a number one contender’s fight anymore. Even though Paul Daley’s a very tough guy, he doesn’t have the name recognition that Swick does. Unfortunately, I don’t think a win would bump me up to number one contender.

It’s an unfortunate situation for Kampmann, but he needs to stay focused, because Daley is looking to take advantage.

This would have been a No.1 contender fight, but now he’s in a position that if he wins he kinda stays where he is. That’s tough psychologically for a fighter. I can exploit that in a hurry if it happens.

Daley is a dangerous opponent. He’s a knockout artist that can end Kampmann’s night and title aspirations in a hurry. Daley’s ground game is weak, something he readily admits, and Kampmann knows it, so it will be interesting to see if he decides to stand and bang with Daley or looks for the easier path to victory on the ground.