Ricardo Arona

“I always thought the cage was even better for my game. I like to use elbows on the ground, which I couldn’t do in Pride. Also, I can’t wait to fight for my fans…I’ll wait for a proposal. Of course, I would love to fight in the UFC, because it’s for sure the best event, but I’m also studying some other proposals. I’m waiting calmly for my time. I’m ready to do my best in the ring or in the cage…He’s defending Brazil well in the MMA world, and I respect him a lot, but if I get into the UFC and have to fight Lyoto, I’d go to win. He’s a great champion, but if I’m well-trained, I know my potential; I can beat anyone.”

—Ricardo Arona talking to Sherdog about returning to a major promotion in mixed martial arts.

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Arona in action. His style isn’t the most exciting, but he’s a quality light heavyweight, so it’s hard to gauge how much interest the UFC has in him at this point. Strikeforce could definitely use him though to give Gegard Mousasi a challenge. In fact, if Arona ends up in the UFC, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Strikeforce is the reason why.

Before Arona goes anywhere though, he’ll have to get through Marvin Eastman this Saturday at Bitetti Combat Nordeste 4 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.