Wes SimsThere’s never been a TUF cast member that has said they enjoyed living in the TUF house. In fact, most hated it. Many have described it as prison without TV, just a little nicer.

Not Wes Sims, he loved it, and he has a pretty damn good reason why. His residence prior to living in the TUF house consisted of an elevated road for a roof.

Oh, it was great. I didn’t want to leave that house…Yeah. If you would have seen where I was before, I literally had to pack up all my belongings to move in to the house. It’s been okay since then, but when I was out there I didn’t want to leave the house…Well before, natural weather was a horrible thing for me. When it rained, I got wet. When it snowed, I was cold. Pretty much the bottom of the barrel. That house, in Vegas? That was great…I trained in the streets under I-55 in Cicero for a while, where I was living…Yeah, that’s why when you asked me how I liked the house I said it was great compared to where I was living. I was living pretty much in a garbage bag and not even a tent, just a sleeping bag.

Man, that definitely sucks. Here’s the funny part though. Wes said he texted Joe Silva asking to be on the show. So I guess even homeless people have cell phones these days.