The inclusion of Kimbo Slice in the tenth season of The Ultimate Fighter has undoubtedly made this season much more intriguing than it would have been otherwise. Fighters, like the majority of fans, were sick of Kimbo garnering as much attention as he did in 2008 without proving his worth in the cage first. So it shouldn’t come as much of a shock if when Kimbo doesn’t get a warm reception from his castmates at the beginning of the show.

Case in point, James McSweeney, a former kickboxer with a 136-9 record (79 KO’s), said at the start of taping he “could give a shit” about Kimbo and he’ll “knock his ass completely out” if he fights him.

Then there’s Brendan Schaub. He was seen in the sneak peek clip Spike released earlier this week mumbling, “f*ck him, f*ck that guy,” when Dana White introduced Kimbo to the cast. But now that taping has wrapped, has Schaub’s tune changed?

“Kimbo is a great guy,” Schaub said. “There was all this stuff about how ghetto he was. But he really is a humble family guy, not to mention he was the best cook in the house. Just a phenomenal cook. I told him if he opens a steakhouse in Miami, I’ll invest in it.”

Yeah, I’d say it has. We even saw Kimbo clowning around with Wes Sims during an interview from the UFC Fan Expo. Pretty much everyone, with the exception of Bas Rutten, who has met or gotten to know Kimbo has said he’s a great guy.

While I’m sure the show’s producers will play up the tension between Kimbo and the rest of the cast as much as possible, will we also see Kimbo win over his peers over the course of the season? Or perhaps more importantly, will he win over the fans?