Paulo Filho

“I didn’t take any steroid. How could I have taken steroids before losing 9 kilos?…It’s his fault. He wants to talk, but the truth is he is afraid. He watched me in the past and I also watched him. He didn’t change his game too much. He’s the same: paper-thin and just put on some weight…And it’s clear he doesn’t respect the opponent because he always has this ‘superior’ look on his face. He’s in good momentum right now but the Brazilian light-heavyweights are able to beat him up – and I’m one of them…The fight isn’t signed yet but it will happen. DREAM and Strikeforce have connection. Wherever he wants to face me off, we’ll fight. Be sure we will put on this challenge…Depending on the position I will punish him on the ground. All fights end up clinched and he falls easily. I’ll use my jiu-jitsu base to annul his game.”

—Paulo Filho in an interview with (translation via MMABay) responding to Gegard Mousasi’s steroid allegations

I think Gegard Mousasi has found his next fight. What better way to settle this feud than in the cage? Since Mousasi said he’ll only fight him in the US where fighters are subjected to drug screening, it looks like this one needs to happen in Strikeforce. The ball’s in your court Scott Coker.

Image via Sherdog