Sean Sherk raised quite a few eyebrows when he withdrew from UFC 104 with a reported shoulder injury at roughly the same time he was scheduled to take a pre-fight drug test in California, the state he previously claimed he would never fight in again. No conspiracy here though, and Sherk has made it a point to make sure everyone knows it. He’s passed along his medical documents to Sherdog to prove he’s really injured.

The injury is painfully real, according to medical documents received by

Sherk suffered a “Grade II AC separation” in his right shoulder, according to an MRI report prepared by the Center for Diagnostic Imaging in St. Louis Park, Minn.

Click here to read Sherk’s MRI report.

“I’m not dodging a drug test,” Sherk told Monday. “I just took a drug test three months ago. I know I’m going to get drug tested. I’ve been drug tested probably more than any other fighter in the world.”

I have no idea what exactly we’re looking at, but video of his MRI can be seen above.