Don FryeWhat better way to end the week than with a great story and a classic quote from the legendary Don Frye?

Total MMA found this interview Don Frye did with’s Jonathan Snowden for his upcoming fight against Dave “Pee Wee” Herman at Shark Fight 6 “Stars and Stripes” that takes place tomorrow at the Amarillo Civic Center Coliseum in Amarillo, Texas.

Before I get to his hilarious comments on Herman, here’s Don Frye telling a story about why he wasn’t cut out to be a firefighter and an EMT.

“We got the call, around midnight. We roll in there and put the fire out, find a couple of hotspots here and there. Then we find a suicide note,” Frye said. “That pisses you off because they are endangering your life and the lives of all the other fire fighters.”

This was worse than people calling for an ambulance at two in the morning with mild discomfort, which is how EMT’s spend 95 percent of their time. This was dangerous and irresponsible, and a furious Frye began searching the house for the perpetrator.

“I walked into the bedroom and found the son of a bitch on the bed,” Frye remembered. “I grabbed him by the ankles and yanked his ass right on the floor. Boom! He screamed and I drug him down the hallway. I hit him against every wall on the way out the door. Boy, it’ll be the last time he tries to commit suicide by fire. I picked him up and threw him out on the lawn. You lose your compassion real quick when people do stupid shit like that.”

Frye, as that story clearly illustrates, may not have had a long career as an EMT. Too many stupid people, not enough patience.

Oh man, what I wouldn’t give to see video of that.

That’s not even the best part of Snowden’s article though. Apparently, Herman is growing a mustache for their fight as a tribute to Frye. His response:

“Shit, he should have started last year. It ain’t going to compare to my mustache. I shave mine every morning. About a half hour later it’s already fully developed.”

Have a great weekend everybody.