Bas Rutten & Kimbo Slice

“I guess with him, he pretended to be a friend but he really wasn’t I guess. It was just business with him. You pay a guy good money to teach you things and be a good teacher and they take your money…But then they turn round and say ‘I tried to teach you stuff but its not working’?… Come on man, you’re not a good teacher – so really he owes me some money right? But its all good, we all do what we gotta do.”

—Kimbo Slice, via Fighters Only, commenting on his time as Bas Rutten’s pupil

Naturally, Bas Rutten wasn’t too happy with Kimbo’s comments, and issued a response.

I never said “I tried to teach you stuff but its not working”, I don’t say the word “stuff” when I mean skills or technique, I said, I try to teach you skills but you are not listening…Pretending to be a friend and getting paid GOOD for my work? Ha ha, OK, lets see here…Lets do the math here, 10% of 100,000, is $10,000, that I split in half, so I make $5000 in 5 or 6 weeks. I also told him BEFORE I started training him, that he had to understand that when I had a commentary job, that I had to do that, since this was not a “money making machine for me” (try to live in CA from $5000 in 6 weeks and support a family, haha, I dare you). He and his manager Mike, who’s a great guy, told me they understood that…Since I believed in him, and considered him a friend, I said NO to a whole bunch of commentary jobs because I wanted to be there for him for the entire time. Meaning, I actually LOST money training Kimbo. Well, actually, with the last fight (because they re-negotiated), I think I evened it out, but never made money.

That’s just a short excerpt. You can read Bas’ full response at Fighters Only.

Image via Esther Lin