Fabricio Werdum, Scott Coker and Alistair Overeem

“Overeem is running from the fight; I am pretty sure about that…I cannot be 100-percent right about the reason he is taking so long to solve his issues and come to fight, but it seems either that the gummy berry juice he is taking to give him super powers is (causing) him to avoid fighting here in America or he is afraid of having no arms to fight after facing me one more time…There is no sense he takes so long to come and fight in America…I want to say to him that if comes, face me and lose. I will let him take some pictures with my belt and he will be able to keep good memories from his time as a Strikeforce champion.”

—Fabricio Werdum talking to MMA Weekly about Alistair Overeem’s prolonged absence from fighting in the US

Meanwhile, Overeem’s camp maintains that Alistair wasn’t under contract with Strikeforce until recently.