Kimbo Slice not only wants to prove the fans wrong, he wants to prove Dana White wrong.

Adding to the drama is the presence of White, who through the years relentlessly mocked Kimbo as a “bum” and a “joke” and everything that was wrong with upstart MMA promotions that didn’t have the sports’ long-term interests at heart.

“I’ve talked more [expletive] about this guy than anyone ever, and coming from me, that’s saying a lot,” White said.

Now Slice is trying to win his approval, now he is serving at his favor?

Slice was so nervous he immediately addressed White as “DW.” It’s not like he hadn’t heard White’s endless bashing of him. And he’s not afraid to admit it hurt.

“Yeah, it [expletive] with me,” Kimbo said in an interview with Yahoo! Sports. “It [expletive] with me a little bit. I want him to eat those words.”