What could possibly be crazier than Chuck Liddell competing on Dancing With The Stars? How about Chuck Liddell winning Dancing With The Stars?

Yeah, according to TMZ, Chuck actually has a chance.

The Best: This one is tougher to call. We’re told Donny Osmond, Aaron Carter and Mya are all contenders, but the big surprise is UFC legend Chuck Liddell. Our spies say he’s really good and practices like a mutha. One source says he gets to practice early and shuts the place down, with 6 hour, uninterrupted power sessions. And get this — we’re told he’s already lost 20 lbs.

I guess we really shouldn’t be surprised Chuck is doing so well. From all accounts, he really seems to be enjoying it, he’s ultra-competitive, and he’s probably put in more hours of physical training in one form or another in his lifetime than every member of the cast combined, so he’s definitely no stranger the amount of physical effort it requires to be the best at something. Just never thought it would be dancing, but to each his own.

DWTS premiers next Monday, September 21, at 8PM on ABC.

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