Numerous TUF alumni have described the The Ultimate Fighter house as a prison. They’re locked up in a house with no contact with the outside world and very limited entertainment options beyond bottomless bottles of alcohol. Wes Sims said he loved it since his most recent residence consisted of an overpass and a sleeping bag, but no one from previous seasons spent a significant amount of time in an actual prison before joining the show.

Enter Jon Madsen. He’s a wrestler that actually holds a victory over Brock Lesnar from high school and a Div. II National Championship. They took very different paths after college though. Brock went on to become a WWE superstar and the UFC heavyweight champion. Madsen went to prison. He says he’s been in and out of jail since 2002 for living a “hedonistic” lifestyle consisting of drinking, drugs and excessive partying. His most recent time in prison, a seven-month stint for his third DUI seemed to be his wake-up call though. He started training MMA in 2007 and found his way onto the tenth season of The Ultimate Fighter. When asked how the house was compared to prison, Madsen said it wasn’t even close. As Madsen put, the house was a “country club.”

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