Video of the UFC 103 post-fight press conference can be seen on Here’s a rundown of news and notes. More newsworthy items in bold.

Dana: Attendance 17,428 considered a sell-out
Live gate $2.4 million
Bonuses $65,000
Fight of the Night – Rick Story and Brian Foster
Submission of the Night – Rick Story
Knockout of the Night – Vitor Belfort

Dana: Paul Daley had a great performance, thought it was a great stoppage by the referee no matter what the crowd thought. Daley put himself on the map tonight. Love it when guys step on short notice and take advantage of an opportunity.

Dana: Dallas was great. Packed, tons of energy. Big gate, great crowd, great night of fights. We’ll be back, going all over Texas, not only Dallas.

Dana: Wasn’t sure which Vitor we were going to get but he pulled the trigger and went in for the kill.

Dana: Re: Welterweight title picture. Good thing is we have time. GSP isn’t going to be ready until February. I have to figure it out. Agreed it is cloudy at the moment.

Dana: Re: GSP fighting 185 ala Anderson Silva at 205. “No, I like St. Pierre at 170. He’s a good dominant champion at 170 lbs. I don’t see any reason yet to move him up to 185 lbs, and he hasn’t come to me and said he wants to move up.”

Dana: Swick vs. Daley is a possibility. (Asked if it would happen in Texas or England, their home state/country…Rampage dig coming) “No, it would happen anywhere. Listen the way that this works is, I’ve said this a million times, wherever we go, if we put local talent on there, it’s usually guys who want to fight in their hometown. When Georges St. Pierre fought in Montreal we could have went into Montreal with anybody and sold that out that first event. Georges St. Pierre wanted to fight in Montreal. Swick wanted to fight in Texas. You know all these guys wanted to fight in their hometown. Rampage wanted to fight in Memphis (smirking, everyone laughs), they all want to fight in their hometowns. We try to accommodate them whenever we can.”

Dana: Cro Cop got hit with some big shots. He refused to go to the hospital, I made him go to the hospital because he’s going to fly twenty hours on a plane and I want to know he’s okay…He said he was fine. He took some big shots from a heavy puncher tonight, and I think it could be one of those things when you start to get older you see all the openings but you can’t pull the trigger. Dos Santos is no joke. This kid hits hard, he’s been knocking people out and tonight was a big fight for him. Definitely put him on the heavyweight map now. He’s in the mix.

Dana: Think the way Henderson and Marquardt lost to Anderson Silva, it would be better if they fight each other to determine next contender. I think Vitor’s ready to fight Anderson Silva. (Looks like our answer for the middleweight title picture…Hendo isn’t going to be happy, hope he still signs and fights Marquardt though)

Dana: Tyson Griffin looked awesome tonight. This was a rough crowd, they started booing when the bell rang and they didn’t even meet in the middle yet. I know that puts a lot of pressure on fighters, but Tyson composed himself, took his time, broke him down and did what no one’s ever done before and stopped Hermes Franca (Ray Cooper KO’d Franca in 05 in Shooto)…Wouldn’t confirm if Tyson was in the title picture.

Tyson Griffin: If Gray got the title shot, I’d be happy for him. I’d help him train for it. Will only fight Gray if title’s on the line though. Franca coming in overweight wasn’t frustrating.

Dana: Isn’t what Tyson said the best…teammate will fight teammate for the title…

Rich Franklin: I have trouble with southpaw Brazilians for some reason. I try to negate it by hiring a good southpaw in Robbie Lawler and we know what Vitor was capable of. Still not sure exactly what caught me. Only remember bits and pieces.

Vitor Belfort: Tells story of having wrong people around him before…on right track now…

Efrain Escudero: Says something in Spanish.

Tyson: Thought Franca was exact same guy as he always is. He’s a very patient fighter, he waits for you to get tired and then comes in for the kill. He did it in the first and the second, but I happened to catch him on the chin and put him away.

Josh Koscheck: I think I should fight GSP next, but that’s up to these guys. But I’ve always said I’ll fight anyone, anytime, anyplace and there’s a lot of young fighters out there so I’ll fight any of those guys. I want big fights. I think Matt Hughes would be a great fight. I think GSP would be an even better fight. But I’m gonna take it one at a time. If anyone backs out in October or November, I’ll fight then too. I’m just looking forward to the opportunity to fight.

Dana: Koscheck isn’t far away from a title shot, he’s in the mix.

Vitor: Re: his patience in Franklin fight. My new weapon I’ve added to my game is karate. So this fight I was taking my time, feeling the fight. As soon as I land something, I want to make sure it has the zip code, address and social security number. I don’t like to throw things away. I train so hard for this fight, I’ve been away from my family for three month. I’m just sacrificing and getting the reward. It’s like if you want to by the goal, you need to buy the field first. It’s just a reaction of my timing, sometimes I take my time, sometimes I’m aggressive, but as soon as I start I make sure I fight you know. That’s what people want to see.

Paul Daley: No one in particular I want to fight, I’m just happy to be here fighting in the UFC. Like I said when I signed with the organization, I’m a fighter’s fighter, I’ll fight whoever, I proved that by stepping up to fight Kampmann and I’ll do it again. I don’t care who’s standing in front of me. I’m just going to be the same fighter going out there to finish people.

Efrain: I’ve been training a lot and only going to get better every time.

Dana: “Rampage and I talked, we kinda made up. He wants the Rashad fight, he’s in Vancouver doing this movie, it is what it is and now we just gotta figure out when. So we’ll see what happens…[The movie] was supposed to be done right around December and now he’s saying they do make-up dates and things like that so he couldn’t even fight in February.” (Dana visibly irritated)

Dana: Re: Next light heavyweight title contender. Not sure, a lot of talent in this division. Rampage-Rashad not happening is a big deal for a lot reasons including this one. Tito’s back. I’ll see what Chuck wants to do after he’s done dancing. I don’t know, a lot of options. We’ll see what happens.

Dana: I’m flying out to LA on Monday to watch Chuck dance, and we’ll talk after that about his future.

Dana: Chuck doing DWTS is great. He weighs 212. He doesn’t weigh 212 the week of a fight, so he’s taking this more seriously than he was taking the fighting. I’m happy that he found something to focus on. Everyone knows how I feel about Chuck Liddell, he has nothing left to prove other than he can dance. But Rampage is still fighting, he’s an active fighter that took that spot on TUF, and he can say he took it for me or whatever, but there was a commitment there for him to fight at the end of the show. He could fought in that fight and went and did seven movies for all I cared. He could have taken four years off and did whatever he wanted to do. He was obligated to take that fight. We put him on the show, Rashad went on the show, and Rashad’s sitting on the sidelines. It affected a lot of different things.

Dana: (Asked if Hollywood is his new competitor) Hollywood is a pain in my ass sometimes. The reality is you get these Hollywood agents that start talking all this smack about what these guys are gonna get, and they deliver about four percent of what they promise. They usually don’t deliver. They got him thinking he’ll make this movie for nothing and then in the sequel he’ll make $20 million. I’ll pay him nothing to fight Rashad and give him $20 million for the rematch. I’m kidding.

Dana: Rich Franklin isn’t going anywhere. We’ll sit down and talk and see he wants to do next.

Dana: Dos Santos is in the mix of the heavyweight division. He could have tried to take Cro Cop down, but he stood with him toe-to-toe, tried to knock him out and eventually he did. Our heavyweight division just keeps getting better and better.

Dana: I guarantee you we’ll have a network deal by the time next year. Maybe sooner, I’m playing it safe.

Dana: Kimbo Slice gets a lot of credit for the outstanding TUF ratings. Exceeded expectations.

Dana: Mayweather fight sucked. Boring fight. Went 12 rounds for a decision.

Junior dos Santos: Stayed focused, tried to do my job.

Dana: Both CC and JDS were banged up, great fight.

Dana: Reiterates Vitor is ready now to fight Anderson and he wants Hendo-Marquardt. Getting together with Hendo this week to figure out contract.

Dana: Steve Lopez shoulder popped out and popped back in. Didn’t have to go to hospital.

Dana: Re: No Columbus in March. Been there every year. Just trying somewhere different this year. No reason, Columbus is great, maybe we’ll come back in another year. Definitely going to Boston next year.

Dos Santos: Felt I was much faster than Cro Cop. Thanks to training with Nogueira brothers and Anderson felt I was prepared to fight standing up and used my wrestling to do that.

Daley: Just wanted to make a statement in my UFC debut.

Dana: Not true Randy Couture will get title shot if he beats Brandon Vera at UFC 105.

Dana: We have a deal with Versus for WEC, so WEC goes on.