Roger Huerta

“I can’t go out with two losses in a row. I don’t think I’m going to call it quits anytime soon…I’m still open to acting. Hopefully we get something going with that, but I’m not going to prioritize (acting) now. I’ll still prioritize fighting. If the UFC wants me back, I’d be willing to go back…We haven’t spoken to the UFC since last Wednesday, but we’d definitely keep that option open…I’ve been with the UFC since 2006. They’re all that I know, but it’s up to my manager Jeff Clark to decide that for me.”

—Roger Huerta telling that he’s going to continue his MMA career instead leaving it altogether to be a full-time actor

Based on other quotes in the story, it sounds like at least one of the major reasons Roger had a change of heart was because he wasn’t getting the kind of opportunities from his Lion’s Gate development deal as he thought he would.

With Roger refocused on his fighting career, now it’s just a matter of signing a new contract. I’m quite certain Strikeforce would love to have him, but I’m betting he ends up re-signing with the UFC. Probably not for the kind of money he was looking for last year, but at least enough to get him to sign on the dotted line. The UFC has invested a lot into Huerta’s career and it’s just not in their business model to let someone else reap the rewards.

Image via Sherdog