Mirko Cro CopRetirement is the hot topic of the week. Roger Huerta did a 180 at the last minute and said he’s not. Rampage Jackson says he is. And yet Mirko Cro Cop, the one fighter whose end felt like it came at the hands (and knees) of Junior dos Santos, is still on the fence, though he seems to be leaning towards coming back.

Earlier today, Nokaut.com reported that Mirko had indeed decided to retire.

Nokaut.com was able to exclusively confirm the news earlier today.

Said Cro Cop; “I have no motivation left and it’s time to leave. Thank you all for supporting me.”

One of the most severly struck by the news, is Zvonimir Lucic, Mirko’s manager and most reliable cornerstone throughout Cro Cop’s numerous battles. Following his last conversation with Mirko, Mr. Lucic was instructed to release all Team Cro Cop members from their respective duties.

But wait, what would a major story in this business be without a conflicting report? Croatian news site Dnevnik.hr also published a Cro Cop story today, but this one actually featured Mirko himself talking about his future. Unfortunately, all I have is a crappy Google translation at this point, but it gets the point across.

‘Regardless of what some write, certainly does not end his career.’ When you wish to go loud and clear I will say that ending her career ‘, said Cro Cop and reiterated that he “should not do spit when the rabbit back in the woods …’ [Ed. note…haha, good one Google]

‘I’ll just make the decision. My intimate desire to find a motive, and to come back. I would like to execute a contract to the end and the fans who have supported me my whole life for which I am very grateful to them. ”

‘I do not know either. My head is still full of all, full of impressions … I think intensely about everything and all options are open …’, Mirko told us, adding:

‘It’s stronger than me, this is my life. I enjoy the competition and training, although blood must admit that I was my former way of life bored. ”

‘This is my routine for 23-24 years and can not just stop. Today before I came to this interview I was training. ”

‘I think I’ll be back though, because going to a difficult decision for me, and I know that in me there’s more power, “he repeated Mirko in New TV cameras.

In light of this interview, Nokaut updated their post with a quote that I believe was taken from the same Dnevnik.hr interview.

“Although it would be for the best to stay out, I would like to do 2 more contracted fights with the UFC and then end my career. Simply, fights and training are in my blood, I still haven’t made my final decision, it can happen that I finish everything day after tomorrow, but I would like to in fact still do it. After the Dos Santos defeat I was hot and the statements were not founded. Things are not all that black”.

If does he come back, here’s to hoping he fights at 205 or at least fights someone his own size. I don’t know if I can sit and watch him get pounded again by another giant in the UFC’s heavyweight division.

Update: A few more comments from Cro Cop in the Croatian newspaper Slobodna Dalmacija. Translation via Fighters Only.

“Often things can get on top of you but I cannot say that I don’t love this sport. Its hard for me to decide now but I think that I will do these last two fights for UFC. This [fighting] thing is stronger than me. Sometimes the mind says yes but the heart says no…Take for example, when a man spends 30 years in prison. You let him out, he robs a store and takes only a pack of cigarettes, just to be returned to prison because they can not live outside. This is my fear…The problem is that my way of life is saturated with this military discipline, which does not allow for such things as Christmas or New Year holidays. Training is never a problem – I think I missed five or six sessions in my entire life and never just because I couldn’t be bothered…If you offered me all the money in the world not to train, I would refuse. This is my routine with which I have lived for 20 years…I thank everyone for their support, for watching and following me, but I hate that I am expected to answer to people. This is my decision. My blood, my sweat, my tears – as such I don’t owe anybody anything…the day I say I won’t do it anymore I’ll stick to my word. But I still haven’t said that and I haven’t decided that this is the end. I know I must rest well and decide.”