Fedor Emelianenko & Bas BoonAlistair Overeem’s manager and Golden Glory head, Bas Boon, dropped a bomb on us a couple weeks ago when he called M-1 ‘a bunch of crooks’ and insinuated Alistair wouldn’t fight on any Strikeforce/M-1 Global co-promoted cards.

But why? There was obviously a story behind the accusations, and Boon wasn’t forthcoming with any details in the forum post. Well, the story’s out now on MiddleEasy.com, at least Bas’ side of it, and let me tell you it is quite the read. It’s a lengthy and rather complicated story with a lot of details, so definitely check it out, but basically, Boon was not only the one who hooked Fedor up with M-1, he also got Fedor, and in turn M-1, his big paydays in Japan during the PRIDE era. And what did Boon get out of it?

All the Russians were paid and Apy and Vadim made money the entire year of 2004 based on all the work I did which included making it possible for Fedor, Aleksander and Amar to fight in Bom Baye and Pride…and I’m called the asshole? I’ve always believed in working fairly and making sure everyone gets paid. I made it possible, despite a lot of Yakuza threats, to keep Fedor fighting with Pride for the same money he made in Bom Baye.

I was doing the management for Fedor together with M-1 Global…but I did all the work! I got the deal, I got a proposal, I paid the Red Devil fighters and covered their flights and hotels so all the fighters, including the Russians, were happy and stayed with Red Devil [M-1 Global]. Why did my payments stop? We agreed 1/3 of the percentage would go to me although it should be half as I was doing all the work…but I agreed so no complaints there. Mijatovic owes me money, Bom Bay owes me money…I took a huge risk by bringing everybody and what did you guys get?

The best fighter of all time and he got paid his highest fight purse at that time. So did his brother Aleksander and Amar. You made money from the beginning. And the guy who made everything possible got shit. $300,000 in the hole and I was accused of all kinds of bullshit?

Like I said the story was pretty complicated and a little hard to follow, but I’m 95% sure M-1 Global aren’t the ones who owe Boon the $300,000 (could be wrong), but at the very least it sounds like Boon did all the work while M-1 got most of the reward. (Fight Opinion also has a post about this from 2007 that goes into even further detail)

So what does that mean for the potential Fedor-Overeem fight? Well, Alistair Overeem made it crystal clear in his blog post at Five Oz. that he wants to fight Fedor.

Mergers and joint ventures between the various unions, new agreements with the media appear to be of the order of the day. This not only generates more televised MMA fights, but it also looks like a long cherished dream is finally going to come true; a fight against Fedor Emelianenko.

I’ve always admired Fedor. There was a time when I didn’t want anything rather than a chance to meet him, just once. Shake his hand; take a picture with him and get a signature of course. Things sure do change, don’t they!I still want his signature of course…. on the dotted line of a contract signing up for a fight anytime within the next year.

And the good news is Bas says all the bad blood between him and M-1 won’t get in the way of this fight happening as long as the money is agreed upon and guaranteed.

I will never take an opportunity from a fighter to fight Fedor especially if the money is right and guaranteed. But there is an old bill to settle, everybody knows the story:

Please understand that I will always support and agree with Alistair [Overeem] or any other Golden Glory fighters to fight against Fedor at any time any place…as long as the money is agreed upon and guaranteed. It does not matter if the fight takes place is in Russia, Holland, Japan, America or any other country.

Just don’t expect Bas and Vadim to go out for drinks afterwards. The drama never ends, does it?