Kimbo SliceJust how important is Kimbo’s beard to him?

As Dana White revealed on this week’s Inside The Ultimate Fighter Podcast with Mike Chiappetta, it’s so important he wanted a special clause in his TUF contract to prevent anyone on the show from messing with his beard while he was sleeping.

“His manager kept saying if anybody messes with his beard while he’s sleeping, there’s gonna be some big problems. That was like a big deal in the whole contract negotiation…I can’t guarantee nobody’s gonna try to shave his beard off.  How the hell can I guarantee that?”

Dana never confirmed if they actually added any specific language about the beard into the contract, but apparently Kimbo used his street-fighting gangsta image to his advantage just to make sure. He told the guys in the house a story about how he was put in an armbar at ATT and since “tapping out is for bitches,” according to Kimbo, the guy ended up hurting Kimbo’s arm. Here’s the rest of the story relayed by Kimbo’s castmate Justin Wren on TapouT Radio (via Fighters Only).

“I heard a story where he went down to ATT to train and he got arm-barred. Kimbo doesn’t like to tap so he didn’t tap and the guy hurt his arm so he came back in there with a gun!” Wren recounted. “Cops were called and everyone went nuts, so yeah we didn’t want to necessarily mess with Kimbo’s beard but there was definitely talk about it.

“He felt the guy was really trying to hurt him so he said if someone is going to really try and hurt me, in my career, that is how my make money for my family, so then he said he went and got a gun and was starting to come back in there and they stopped him at the door… that was straight out of his mouth.”

Based on how awesome of a person everyone says Kimbo is, I think I need to hear someone from ATT corroborate that story before I believe it. But if it is true, I have to ask, if tapping out is for bitches, then what does retaliating with a gun make Kimbo?

A total badass of course, I don’t want to get shot.