Brock Lesnar

“He’s a tough guy. He’s undefeated, but some of the guys he’s beaten aren’t worthy of having on your record. He hasn’t fought anybody. He’s fought (Gabriel) Gonzaga, so I really think he’s 1-0…He’s a tough guy and a wrestler. But he’s a Division II national champion — enough said…I don’t know what he is, 11-0, 10-0, but he’ll have a loss against Brock Lesnar.

—Brock Lesnar, via the Las Vegas Sun, attempting to discredit Shane Carwin’s amateur wrestling and MMA accomplishments

If Shane Carwin wanted to, he could always fire back and say Lesnar’s really 0-1; all he beat was an overconfident Heath Herring, an over-the-hill Randy Couture, and overrated Frank Mir, but Shane Carwin isn’t that kind of guy. Point being, Brock can spin it however he wants, but come Nov. 21, he’s going to be locked in a cage with someone he doesn’t have an overwhelming size and strength advantage over. Brock is an animal, no doubt, but Carwin is a test he hasn’t passed before regardless of what his record looks like.

That said, Lesnar’s comments aren’t completely off base. Gabriel Gonzaga really is the only heavyweight Carwin has fought that’s worth mentioning, and he was losing that fight until he caught Gonzaga square on the chin. Brock is definitely a huge test for him as well.

Update: Shane Carwin responds in an interview with

This is the first time that I am getting ready for a fight with a little hate for my opponent. He continues to fuel the fire with his ignorant comments about my opponents and my record. Next thing you know, he will tell you his high school was bigger then mine and therefore that’ll be the deciding factor.

I am ready. I wish I could kick his ass tomorrow.

This is only the beginning of Lesnar’s trash talking. If Carwin is already starting to hate Lesnar, he’s going to be fuming come fight time. Carwin needs to be careful not to let Brock get into his head.